Our Fantastic Forest, the misty valley and much needed rain

It's finally here! Good, drenching rain that keeps coming for hours. And thankfully, no wind. Amazing how much more relaxed I am when the weather finally breaks. The showers have reduced to fine, light drizzle now and the small birds in the garden are very excited. I can hear the Blue Wrens chirping. The chickens have been sitting on the verandah most of the day looking unconcerned. The cat has taken up residence in the dog bed by the fire.

For a couple of days we had the old ewe, Betty, in the small yard by the house, just to keep an eye on her and give her some me-time. She struggles with the coarse grass the rest of the flock are eating, and was looking thin and miserable. As we've only been here 4 weeks we weren't acquainted with all the animals individually yet. Betty was moved to her new digs and spoiled with as many pellets as she liked, much to the curiosity of the chickens. At first she was a bit shy but by the end of the first day she was at the gate bellowing for more. Cheeky thing! She looks particularly awful because she hasn't quite finished shedding her wool. She is a Wiltshire cross, with self-shedding fleece. It looks pretty daggy for a while and you find tufts all over the paddock, but the others look like they have a very neat haircut. And they're pretty fat too.

This morning Betty seemed anxious, possibly missing her flock, so we opened the gate and she trotted back to the others. No sheepdog skills needed, much to Polly's disappointment. She was hoping for a challenge. Flossie the pup had no idea what she was hoping for. Everything is new to her!

The day before yesterday we all went exploring the forest beyond our north paddock. It's absolutely amazing how beautiful and untouched it is! And it's all ours. After spending 30 years living in suburbia, I can hardly believe it! In fact it still feels like we're staying on someone else's farm, just visiting. But after we trudged through our gorgeous forest I started to feel an acknowledgement seep into my bones. This is my home. All this land belongs to us. Instead of paying big bucks to travel somewhere like this we just step outside...

Because of the rain I got quite a lot of computer stuff done today and didn't have to feel guilty about not being outside in the garden. (There is SO MUCH to do out there!) And now I'm looking forward to a cosy evening, with pizza for dinner in front of a nice bit of telly. Something quirky and humorous I think. When the wind is away I'm a happy girl.

And finally, here is another magnificent sunset, casting the whole valley in purply light...