Exploring our hidden fields and forests - a tonic for depression

Isn't it beautiful? It still amazes us that we own this glorious bit of country - this 100 acres. There are days when the wind gets to me, (I seem to be abnormally affected by it), but for the sake of that view it's worth it. You can't have the view from the top of the hill without the wind. I think that after nine weeks I am still getting over the huge life change we have undertaken and coming down from the enormous task of organising the move. Unwinding, as it were...

This land is a tonic to me. Every time I go out I see something new and lovely. Especially on the bottom fifty acres, the forested sections, with streams and dams and hidden valleys.
the Angus cows and calves getting ready to go back home to their neighbouring paddocks

Now that Rob and Jane's cows have cleared so much bracken and weeds we can see more fully what we have. It's like being in a National park! With the recent rains its looking lush and green.

We explored the south west corner the other day and found a hidden glade, with very old trees, covered in climbing ferns. Nearby on the boundary was the remains of a dry stone wall. Fabulous! Makes me wonder who lived here and whether there was a house down there among the trees. The views are magnificent wherever you look and I am still stunned by that.
remains of a dry stone wall

Hubby and I drove down on the quad bike yesterday. Very romantic! Just like the old days when we first started going out. Anyway, I digress. We visited the bottom creek where we'd filled the muddy crossing with large stones a couple of weeks ago and despite the cows trampling across it, the rough stone bridge was still there. There's also a copse of Alder trees that have sprung up from somewhere. Very strange, all by themselves, and quite dense too.

magnificent views everywhere you look
the hidden glade - one of my favourite places so far

Here's a wee pic of some of our new lambs. Aren't they sweet?

I feel blessed.