Sheffield Steam Festival! A Great Family Day

We had a fabulous day today at the annual Sheffield Steam Festival. SO many cool things to see! It's a three day event and even on the last day there were absolutely no disappointments. It was a true country fair. Lots of amazing things were steam powered - tractors, trains, musical organs, cars, mini trains, wheat threshers, even a lady's dress was decorated with a tiny steam engine! Of course she won the Steampunk best outfit.

Stall holders had everything from knitted goods, to leatherwork, antiques, wooden walking sticks, spinning, felted wall hangings, potato spiral on a stick, books and vinyl LPs, soaps, scented candles, jewellery etc. (I could go on!)

I have never seen so many beautifully maintained steam powered engines and vehicles in one place. And the atmosphere was one of fun and sharing enthusiasm.

One of the best parts of today was a lighthorse re-enactment, ably commentated, which explained the various exercises of the group. Attention to detail in uniform and even exact replicas and original pieces of saddlery were wonderful.
I loved seeing actual working Clydesdales and enjoyed giving them cuddles too.
One of the most intriguing steam powered engines was a conglomerate machine called 'The Barry' which included several unorthodox machines cobbled together, including a modified car engine!
There was a huge collection of machinery on display, from rock crushers, log grabbers (not sure of the proper term there!) to steam rollers, especially the huge tractors, which I adored. There is something alive about these puffing beasts that fascinated me, and many others.

We also had a ride on the steam train, which was fun and saw parts of the show from a different perspective as we chugged past.

And finally I will tell you that I held a big snake! He was so soft. And I was instructed to hold his mid section very carefully because his second set of lungs were right there and could be easily squeezed, causing him distress. I think, if I remember correctly, he was a black headed python?

So if you're in Tasmania next March long weekend, head down to Sheffield. You won't be disappointed!