Gobbling Tractors and Munching Sheep

It's been a very busy few days. We finally had to bite the bullet and buy a tractor, a newer one. In the end we chose a Kuboto, one of the better brands of tractor and reportedly reliable. It was just taking too much effort to keep the old International alive and every time we got one thing fixed another broke down. It's a big decision, buying a tractor, even though ours is rather a modest second hand one. Still had to borrow to finance it. Bought it from an auction and got exactly what we wanted - a 90 horse power with a FEL (front end loader). These are very popular, as they are all round  machines that can do just about anything round the farm. I couldn't wait to try it!

Our neightbour, Jane, whizzes around in their huge tractor like she was born driving one. Jane inspires me. What a gal! Our machine arrived on a semi trailer and it was cool to watch the driver unload it. Yesterday I had lots of fun learning how to drive ours, in many gears, plus high and low, 4WD, and lift, tilt and empty the huge scoop/bucket to pick up rocks and dump them in a pile. Yay! Now I have my eye on all the rocks about the place that need to be relocated to a landslip area to stabilise it before we plant trees and bushes as a wind break. Seeing as the nursery we will be buying plants from isn't open to the public until May (bare rooted trees) I have a few weeks to get things ready. It's very distracting, from a writer's point of view!

junk shop finds
Found an excellent junk shop the other day and picked up some bargains. This lovely little hand made gateleg table was only $40! Just right for occasions where you need a small extra table. In the interim it folds neatly against the wall.

We had some lovely visitors from our old stomping ground in the Blue Mountains today. They are friends who are seriously considering moving down here and have come to look at properties. Like us, they know it's a huge change and not without financial risks. But when your heart and gut tell you this is where you're meant to be, you really ought to listen. After all, as I said to them, how old do you have to be before you get your dream?

supervising the sheep

Speaking of dreams, my tiny attempts at gardening were put under pressure when we decided to let ALL 52 sheep into the house paddock to 'mow the grass'. Well, as we discovered to our horror, the blighters got bored with grass, didn't they? And decided dahlias and roses and hydrangeas were much more appetizing. Argh! So now my pot plants have been chomped to the ground and the sheep were hunted out sharpish, I can tell you! They looked pretty pleased with themselves, I must say. Harry watched from the window, transfixed by these huge, whiteish fluffy animals cavorting in the garden, chasing each other and doing bunny hops through the bushes. Acting all innocent like.
Harry in his big slipper

At least Harry doesn't destroy my plants. He's much too polite for that. He absolutely charmed our friends today. They fell in love with him, playing with him all day, (in between quick walks outside when the weather wasn't too wild). I really had to keep a sharp eye out when they left to make sure he wasn't smuggled into their car...

(sigh) Animals.