Life springs from neglect

It's now 12 weeks since we moved to Tassie, from a suburban 1/4 acre block to a 100 acre farm. Life is challenging. Not least from the elements, and we are so behind with what we hoped to achieve in the first three months here. However I am heartened by the gorgeous green little sprigs of grasses coming up in the paddocks we've cultivated, after possibly a decade of neglect. The wallaby population has been drastically altered, giving the land a chance to recover. The tree plantations we have on two sides are a haven for the exploding population of these cute, sweet looking marsupials. But as the company which owns them does nothing to counter this problem, we are left to tackle it on our side of the fence.

The horse paddock, sown with several different varieties of grasses horse love, including clover, are popping up now. We're also seeing the fruit of our labour in other paddocks and having to move the sheep around.

The other day we lay in the sparkling sunshine on a small rise we named Bumblewood Hill where we plan to plant a grove of oak trees and I thought how utterly beautiful this place can be. Flossie lay flat out snoozing after chasing a wallaby around the big dam and then swimming over the dam.

My favourite aunt is visiting at the moment. The first member of our family to stay since we moved here and the weather has been quite glorious, with warm sunny days, a slight coolness to the air and lots of autumn splendour wherever you look. We had afternoon tea outside the other day. You might recognise one of the Unknown Lady's tablecloths on the wee table. I made gluten free biscuits with almond and coconut meal and vanilla. Yummy!

It's the good life, some days.