Perfect Autumn weather

Today was the fourth day in a row of absolutely perfect autumn weather - sunny, still and around 16 Celsius. Ah! We've been able to play with the new tractor, digging big holes in a matter of seconds. Got lots of odd jobs done, including planting the rest of the bulbs I dug up a month ago.

This morning there was dense fog in the valley when we moved our sheep into a different paddock, armed with our two sheepdogs and a length of poly pipe each. Running in gumboots over rocky, uneven ground to stop a sheep bolting up the hill is no easy feat! But they were safely in their paddock, misfits and strays included in about twenty minutes. Polly is twelve years old now and a little slower, but enjoyed herself immensely. She listens to me well and doesn't rush in like mad pup Flossie does. That dog leaps around like a brainless idiot most of the time but occasionally has flashes of brilliance. Certainly keeps us on our toes! She was covering the strays really well all by herself this morning. I think she's starting to get it.
Polly snoozing
Harry continues to delight us with his antics. He's certainly eating well and growing at a rapid rate. His weight is markedly heavier since he moved in two and a half weeks ago! I think he's going to be a really big boy.

I had such a lovely day gardening today while the others were at an auction. On a very tight budget I made do with what I could find around the place, with plants dug up and moved, pots reused and an old wooden gate for creating a secluded little spot to sit in the sun. As I sat with a cup of tea I watched bumblebees droning drunkenly in the rosemary and felt very satisfied with my efforts.

Some days are just perfect.