The perils of a new computer - and the dangers of not upgrading

I like computers, to an extent. Especially when I have carefully selected one for size, capacity, userfriendliness and appearance. I bought an ASUS mini laptop a couple of years ago and I love it! So easy to pop in your handbag and use on the run for writing down snippets of scenes or checking mail etc. Lightweight and easy to use.

So I thought.

I knew when I bought it that it didn't have much HD capacity. Only 35GB. That was the price to pay for lightweight, fast and simple. But as the built-in Windows forced updates system kicked in I soon found it malfunctioning because there was simply no more room for the latest update, which required 8GB! I thought I was smart having all my files and programs on a micro SD card in the slot provided. But even that wasn't enough for the ravenous conglomerate, trying to outdo MAC in its insatiable thirst for more interaction (and money, let's face it) from users.

Gone are the days when you buy a laptop and actually use it for five years uninterrupted. Oh no. Now you have to upgrade constantly, going through the same slog of reloading programs, personalising settings, spending DAYS getting it ready to use. And if you're a beginner user like myself you will find it actually kills creative brain cells, by the gazillion.


So when my main PC stumbled over itself and I got the black screen of death, and my backup mini laptop no longer functioned I was forced to buy a new one. And pay lots to get a SSD (solid state drive) with enough capacity for the rampageous appetite of Windows AND to last me five years. (Yes, I hear you sniggering. 'What a fool!' Right?) But I am an optimist, after all.

So here's to a new brand Lenovo, (if rather noisy fan-wise) mini laptop, which has yet to impress me and which I hope won't stand in the way of inspiration, dedication and perspiration. I had to compromise, of course. So there's only one USB port, no ethernet port, no HDMI, no external monitor port, no removeable battery, no SD slot or Micro SD slot. I am really missing those features. But I needed a laptop RIGHT NOW and couldn't spend weeks researching for exactly the right one. I was in the store, they had a reasonable unit, I could walk away with it same day. I bought it. I know. You're unimpressed with my impulsiveness. But I am so far behind on my sequel novel and lots of blogging and publicity to do. I need to work!

Wish me luck. Cos I'm gonna need it.

And just now I found this very helpful website with good advice on buying a laptop. Great. advice for buying a laptop This whole business is a bit of a trap, I must say. It lures you into thinking you can rely on a machine to do everything while protecting your privacy and stay functioning. Well, this is what I think: