Flossie's Scare - when your dog is frothing at the mouth

That split second of panic
Had a bit of a scare this morning. I am in Perth, Western Australia, visiting family and hubby rang to say hi. We chatted, laughed at Harry's antics and then said goodbye. Twenty seconds later Hubby rang back. Flossie had come into the shed and was lying on the ground frothing white stuff from her mouth. He panicked, thinking in a flash - It's rat poison! What's the phone number for the vet? Kidlet will kill me for not looking after her pup! Where did she get rat poison? Argh! 

And then he spied a bag on the floor. Lamb raising mix - powdered milk.

Harry's coping strategy
Apparently Harry is missing me terribly. He keeps wandering up to the study to find me then wandering back again. This morning he crawled up to sit on Hubby's shoulder and was licking his ear, then tickling him with whiskers. He sat there, claws in for balance, while Hubby went about his morning chores. What a funny little fellow!

Rockingham Foreshore
Here in Perth it is blessedly cool and rainy. (I suffer badly in heat, hence live in the coldest part of the country). Spent some time with one of my sisters yesterday and today seeing another for lunch at the Rockingham foreshore. After lunch at Sunset Cafe we visited the English Sweet Store.

It's so lovely to catch up with my family. I've needed that boost to refill the inner well. I often feel very isolated, being so far away from them all and the move to Tasmania has been more difficult, mentally, than I imagined. Seeing my parents and siblings and extended family again helps centre me and give me a break from worrying about the farm.

Our family emigrated here from England when I was small. It's our fiftieth anniversary this year! Seems strange to think so much time has passed. Sadly, a generation of our family is no longer with us. I'm very thankful I have been able to go back to the motherland a few times over the years to visit the family we left behind. Staying connected with your roots is extremely important to your mental and emotional well being, I think.

Back home
At Crumbleton Manor the work continues. The paddocks are green, the ewes are hopefully pregnant and renovations are happening, dependant upon the weather. We've had quite heavy frosts lately too. One of the most time consuming tasks recently has been the collection and cutting up of firewood. So we're seriously considering solar power. At the moment we light the kitchen Arga to heat the water tank in the roof for hot water, which can either be used for showers or heating the radiators in the house. Not both. So it's either cold showers or cold house. The slow combustion fire is in the main living room, but doesn't reach the other end of the house where I do most of my work. Apparently Solar technology has improved dramatically. I heard recently something about ceramic gadgets.  It's just going to take research, and of course, capital investment.

Hm. Will keep you posted on how that goes!