Pumping Poo and Cat-in-a-bag

It's official. The septic poo tank is full. Last weekend the toilets ceased to flush and we were left with NO FUNCTIONING TOILETS for a day and a half. Kidlet was unimpressed with having to find a spot out in nature. A very nice plumber called Trent came to look at it for us and said we needed to have the tank pumped out before he could fix anything. The tank holds 2,500 litres (shudder) and filters out to a shallow rock filled area called a leech drain. I finally located a fellow who could come out with a pump truck and he turned up around 5.30 pm on Saturday, just as the sun was disappearing. We're getting mixed estimates on how frequently we need to have it pumped, ranging from 5 - 15 years. Eek.

On a lighter, more fragrant note, I have been planning and working at garden areas closer to the house. We've planted more London Plane trees, four Golden Elms, some evergreen Alders, a hedge of viburnum and more. It's slow work, as I have to get the tractor to do the heavy stuff like dumping tonnes of dirt and levelling it off. Not sure what I'll do about the grass. If I put seed down the chooks will eat it and scratch it all over the place. If I choose turf, I have to pay a lot and wait for the season to begin. So I haven't put down any yet. However I have planted a double ring of bulbs (daffodils, jonquils and irises) all around the base of one of the apple trees. Can't wait for Spring!

Harry continues to delight and charm us all. Even Hubby. (shock, horror!) His latest toy is a crackly red plastic bag I happened to leave on the desk. Kept him occupied for about ten minutes. He's also keen on chewing any wool I happen to be knitting or crotcheting with.

Click here for Harry in a bag video!

We've been fencing, again, to  keep the wallabies out down on the western boundary, which faces the valley. The critters are still hopping around, despite a massive culling of over 230 of them since we bought the property. I hate the idea of shooting animals of any kind, but this is war! There just isn't enough to feed them all and allow them to continue breeding and breeding. It's bad enough that the tree plantation companies do nothing to keep their numbers down. The wallabies hide in the nice long grass between the trees during the day and hop on down to our place in the evening for a snack.

It was so lovely down there on a sunny, warm Winter's afternoon. We're blessed. And just to prove it, here's some Blue Wrens and an Eastern Spinebill splashing gleefully in the birdbath right outside the kitchen window recently.

click here for Wrens video