Well, hasn't it been a hectic week!
When we bought this farm we committed to renewing the land, to restore it to a healthy soil that could support livestock and replenish itself. We had the essential advice of an agronomist to analyse the soil and we fertilised according to his instructions. We bought the seed he recommended, especially so that we could have growth all through winter, which we did, much to the envy of our neighbours! We invested in machinery to do the jobs needed.

Then a week ago we cut the ridiculously tall pasture (over six feet high), raked and raked the grass ready to be baled and wrapped.

VIDEO here
madly cutting and raking the grass

Then booked a baler to come and bale and wrap it (to be made into silage).

And.... he didn't show up.

So there we were, and our neighbours Rob and Jane too, because we had booked the same guy to do both farms, with grass lying on the ground, losing nutrients by the hour. Worth THOUSANDS of dollars.

After a LOT of phone calls we finally managed to find a couple of guys who could do the job asap. They did Rob and Jane's first, and were still going at 3am. Then at 11am they turned up to our place and did ours paddocks, (the really hilly ones!) in four hours. Amazing to watch! See my videos here.

the baler at work and buzzing tractors

Our first bale is wrapped!

So, from all our work over the months this year we now have 43 super large bales, wrapped and sitting neatly in rows. YAY! So if we run out of feed this coming season we have feed on hand. And if we don't need it we can sell them. It's like money in the savings account! Phew. So glad it worked out. And they were such lovely guys to do that for us. They couldn't even stop for a coffee but had to go on to the next job.

It's a mad time of year.